Black Friday Weekend – 40% of list price

offer ends Monday 27th November 2023 at 23:59


Winter Roubaix by Endura – Just £47 or a Summer Jersey at just £34!

The kit is an extremely rare design that appears to have been a first. There are plenty of gradient designs around but this is a hybrid design. Red and black on the front and black and red on the back The sleeves are also a reverse gradient to spice things up a bit. If that isn’t edgy enough for you then we also put a background contour map in a spized orange on the background of all of the roads that we cycle on. The map covers the south midlands with Shipston appearing half way. This was done to not only look good but for visibility reasons too so the black didn’t become too dark. The club members were given two different options and they overwhelmingly voted for this design. Subsequently we have more club riders with kit than any other club that I know of… Around 90% of active riders bought kit and many people just joined just to buy the kit! We don’t mind that as it is great for the sponsors.

a red and black gradient design with reverse gradient back and sides. The winter kit will now include a new sponsor – TY Cycles of Chipping Norton.

The items have been subsidised by the club and the sponsors. Each active club member can order up to TWO items with an extra discount voucher (one of each). Summer Jerseys usually cost the club £58 each at the 5 item price. Roubaix jackets usually cost over £80 but by ordering summer in November we managed a discount. The club is also providing a subsidy as well as sponsorship. That is why that even though it appears that either it’s too good to be true or that we are making the retail price up, we aren’t. They are discounted by over 40% until Monday evening (27th November). If you are reading this after then, I’m really sorry but you are too late for this offer. We put it on the newsletter and on the group whatsapp and also announced it in person too.

Step by step guide

  1. Head over to the shop by clicking here
  2. Add the items that you want in to your basket. The items sale prices include a heavily discounted reduction. They are for club members only.
  3. At the checkout add a voucher / coupon code of 15BLACKWEEKEND – this will apply an extra 15% discount until Monday evening.
  4. Items showing in stock are physically held in Shipston – You’ll need to pay in full by bank transfer or paypal friends option before pick up. This will be a manual payment. The reason for this is everything we sell costs us money as a club, rather than making a profit like businesses do. We can’t then pay card processing fees on top of this as then you would not get such a discount.
  5. If the item shows a s a back order it means it’s a pre order and it will arrive in early January. (any time up to 14th we expect, possibly before)If it is a pre/ back order you can choose to pay half up front and half when it is ready for collection.
  6. If you order two items and one is in stock and one is not then to save complications we’ll ask you to either split the orders up or pay all of it up on ordering. It will be too complicated to account for 50% of the pre order and 100% of the in stock item.


Thermal Roubaix jacket ideal for spring and autumn weather – Lightweight, brushed back Roubaix® thermal fabric

 High stretch snug fit, Full length zip, 3-compartment rear pocket

Construction Main Polyester 85% Elastane 15%


Our existing best selling custom garment with full zip for complete ventilation control

 Fast-wicking CoolMax® fabric all round

 3-compartment rear elasticated pocket

 Elasticated sleeves and hem

 Full zip

Sizing guides for Endura can be found here

What is Coolmax? A very clever cooling fabric made from recycled materials…. read here

*please note these prices may not be exact.