How much does membership cost?

Membership costs £15 per year for anyone aged 18-69.  If you’re a full-time student it’s £5 a year or aged 67+, it’s £10 per year. 

Can I try before I buy?

Yes!  Just get in touch and we’ll arrange for you to join us on a tryout ride.  Alternatively, just come along to the Bridge car park (off Mill Street in Shipston) just before 9.30 on a Sunday morning and we’ll make you very welcome. 

What are the benefits of joining?

  • Year round, weekly club rides with experienced ride leaders 
  • Team kit at affordable prices 
  • Social events during the year and an annual awards dinner.
  • Reduced cost of British Cycling membership for the first year
  • A weekly newsletter, Facebook and WhatsApp groups 

How do I join?

We suggest that you come along for a couple of club rides to see which pace group is best for you and whether you enjoy the company!
The easiest way to join the club is through the ‘Clubs’ page of the British Cycling website – please note there’s an administration fee of £1.

What do I need to bring?  

A roadworthy road bike – check your brakes are working and that you tyres are pumped to an appropriate pressure for the road conditions and weather

Mudguards (for winter rides)

Helmet (compulsory for all rides)

Rain jacket (for wet rides)

Reflective bright clothing and lights for those glooomier days

Puncture kit with tyre levers, inner tube and pump

Water bottle and some cash for the coffee stop

Mobile phone and ICE (In Case of Emergency) details

Third party liability insurance from, for example, British Cycling (waived for your first two club rides),

What do I need to do when riding in a group?

Join in!  Communication is key and we use a combination of hand signals and verbal commands to keep in touch with each other. *  Follow the guidance and directions given by your ride leader*  Ahead of time, make sure you’re fit enough to undertake the ride in question and are appropriately dressed for the weather conditions on the day*  Make sure you carry ICE (In Case of Emergency) details with you at all times – either stored on your phone or by carrying a card or bracelet with details of any medical conditions

Can I use an e-bike?

Yes, We actively encourage cyclists with e-bikes as long as they are electric road bikes with drop down handlebars. You will need to register on Strava as using an ebike and timings will not count on the club leaderboard’s.

How do you store my data?  

Your basic data will be stored by the Club for use in the organisation and distribution of information necessary to the running of the Club. By joining the Club you are consenting for your basic data to be used as above. Your name and email address will be held securely on the servers of Mailchimp for the purposes of newsletter distribution.  You can read Mailchimp’s data protection measures here. We often take photographs of members on rides and they are used to promote the club. As a member you are agreeing to this. We comply with GDPR fully. Please read our GDPR statement.

How can I find out more? 

Either come along to one of our Sunday club rides or drop us a message here.