Ride Leaders

All club rides are led by a nominated ride leader.  Here’s how they’ll help you have a safe and enjoyable ride. 

While each member is primarily responsible for their own wellbeing and safety, the ride leader will always try to make sure everyone gets the appropriate guidance when riding as a group. 

The ride leader will advise on the route prior to the day of the ride.  In the event of serious, adverse weather conditions, they will decide whether it would be appropriate for the ride to take place.  At the very least, this will be communicated via the club WhatsApp group and social media.  

The ride leader will always be aware of how many riders are in their group.  If a rider is changing group or course then it is their responsibility to communicate this to the ride leader.  
In the event of an accident, riders should stop as a group to let the ride leader assess the situation.
If an injury that is deemed to require treatment from a medical professional is sustained by a rider/s, the ride leader (or nominated person/s) will: 

1. Stay with the injured party/parties.

2. Contact the necessary emergency services – either 111 or 999 depending upon the severity of the injury. In the case of suspected head injuries, 999 should always be contacted; 

3. Contact the injured party’s I.C.E. to let them know the situation and where their relative/friend is being taken.

In the event of a minor accident that is not deemed to require medical assistance, it is the duty of the rider to confirm to the ride leader that they are either fit to continue or that they will withdraw from the ride.  The ride leader will ensure that the rider is accompanied if they withdraw from the ride. If the incident is due to a mechanical issue, the ride leader will assess the situation, attempt to resolve the issue and be content that the rider/s are able to deal with the mechanical or can arrange alternative transport before continuing the ride.

The ride leader will make sure the group stays together wherever possible.  At the end of longer climbs or descents, they will make sure the group comes back together.

If appropriate, the ride leader will lead a debrief after the ride, to get any relevant feedback from members.