Kit Jerseys

Updated Spring ’24


We have a limited number of summer jerseys in stock ready for collection from Shipston.

Please help us keep everyone riding in club kit… as that what makes us a club!

As a club, we owe it to our kind sponsors to get everyone wearing kit! In return please do consider using TY Cycles. They provide both servicing and sales and stock Scot and Orro

Shipston Cycling launched their new kit in 2022. We are proud to have such a large percentage of members wearing this kit – Around 85% of active riders wear the summer kit (there’s always the odd stubborn one!) This has been possible because of the great design that was chosen by the members and because the Jerseys includes sponsorship which has enabled us to roll it out at a great subsidised price. This means that they are close to half the retail price!

Our kit partners Endura which is a world leading brand that is worn by pro teams. Each jersey is BRITISH made, hand sown by Endura and goes through rigorous quality control. (the material is from Italy)

We always try to keep limited quantities of club summer jerseys and Winter Roubaix jackets too. We also have a few Gillets too. Look out for discount codes.

The updated kit was a step away from the traditional red and white and now is black and red with a light background map contour showing a map of the clubs routes. The design of the back is opposite to the front.

Please note that these are similar to but not identical to the final designs. The position of the logos are different and it has an additional sponsorship logo of TY Cycles on the rear pockets sitting next to CFC.

payment can be made in to the clubs bank account or manually by paypal (using friends family option). We do not have a card option on the shop due to the cost factor.

TY Cycles Logo
Introducing one of our sponsors, TY Cycles – For all of your cycling needs – based in Chipping Norton.


Your custom designed kit was developed from intensive testing input from some of the world’s top professional cyclists and triathletes as well as 6 years of WorldTour Team experience in both men’s and women’s teams. Your custom cycle apparel will be hand crafted in Scotland on the same production lines that produce clothing for some of the world’s biggest names in cycling.


Unlike many of Endura’s competitors, they don’t outsource production. Our custom cycle kit is made in Endura’s own production facility where they have over 25 years’ experience making custom printed cycle clothing. They use the latest equipment including 100% CAD design, 2D to 3D pattern visualisation, laser and automatic cutting machines, fully digital printing, ultrasonic bonding, robot applied silicone and all forms of sewing.

For exact price details please contact :

The Club jersey is a relaxed fit. Sizings are true to most British sportswear manufacturers.

We are proud to be able to bring you the new ’22 kit design in conjunction with Endura. The kit is a red and black gradient design with reverse gradient back and sides. The winter kit will now include a new sponsor – TY Cycles of Chipping Norton.

The kit will be ordered by members using the online Endura system. You can either collect your kit from near Shipston or you can get it sent directly to your own address for a £5 delivery fee.

The items have been subsidised by the club and the sponsors. Each active club member will have a voucher to spend on whatever kit they would like. If you want to order one item or several items, you’ll still get the same amount of subsidy.


Thermal Roubaix jacket ideal for spring and autumn weather – Lightweight, brushed back Roubaix® thermal fabric

 High stretch snug fit, Full length zip, 3-compartment rear pocket

Construction Main Polyester 85% Elastane 15%



Classic long sleeve road jersey with full zip for complete ventilation control

 Fast-wicking CoolMax® fabric (the same material as the summer jersey)

 3-compartment rear elasticated pocket

 Elasticated sleeves and hem

 Full zip

This is the same material as both Summer Jerseys.


Lightweight and shower proof, easily compactible so it can come with you when you ride

 Lightweight Airstream™ fabric

 Stretch back mesh panel

 Bound elasticated armholes

 Side zip vent for easy pocket access

 Reflective detail

 Extremely compactable

 Tiny pack size, stuff sack included


Our existing best selling custom garment with full zip for complete ventilation control

 Fast-wicking CoolMax® fabric all round

 3-compartment rear elasticated pocket

 Elasticated sleeves and hem

 Full zip

please note this is not exactly the same as the FS260 Jersey – It is identical in fabric front and back but does not have the mesh sides to it.

Sizing guides for Endura can be found here

What is Coolmax? A very clever cooling fabric made from recycled materials…. read here

*please note these prices may not be exact.

RRP prices shown are for current Endura custom kit @ 5 items or over price. The sale price are for balanced stock costs. When we buy new stock we add it to the existing stock and then divide it by the number of garments. This means that if we have items in stock that cost us less we reduce the new stock down. This way it keeps it fair for for everyone. Kit prices will vary at different times as we have a certain amount of sponsorship funds and also club subsidies too. This is a non profit club and everything goes back in to the club and it’s members.