Sunday 29th Jan

Sunday 29th Jan

Justin’s B(2) Group Ride Report – Sunday 29th Jan

My plan was to use chat AI to write this report but sadly at the time of writing it’s at capacity…..

The ride started with record breaking B group turn out. Perhaps due to the good conditions. Perhaps due to Alex bringing his new bike. Perhaps due to the ride leader that day… who knows.

After splitting the group we set off as B2 group behind B1. Interestingly after seeing them up the road on the way out of Shipston we never saw them again…..

The first half of the ride was mostly flat and uneventful. and due to me writing this on Friday I can’t recall any detail. I do recall the cafe stop though as I nearly fell off from not clipping which would have been very uncool. Cafe was good with Phil taking charge of the distribution for B group drinks and cake. Barnsey gave me some of his flapjack out of pity as I didn’t have any cake, I thought this was a good move and he gets my vote for rider of the year when the next award dinner comes around. Andy Luca had a cigarette after his cake as per my WhatsApp picture. Strange to see a cyclist who smokes these days.
Noel also started talking to some random people just when I said I wanted to get a picture so that ruined that #bastardNgroup

The ride back is one of my favorite routes. Some shorter hill sections with Phil, Kim and one of the Dans/Dannys showing us all whos been training hard. The long downhill section was enjoyable. Me and Phil had a long conversation all the way down but I have no idea what he said due to the wind, he was probably talking about Tesla but I was talking about how cold my nipples were but either way we both seemed happy.

Phil, Lockers, Danny and eventually our royal chairman Andy peeled off pre car park leaving only Tony, me and Dan to do the full ride …. 😀

Good group, v enjoyable and dammed good looking bunch of cyclists in B2 group

Riders: Phil the fountain of knowledge Smith
Michael Lockers mc Lockerson
Kim long time no see where you been Kim
Royal air marshal squadron Leader Andy Smith
Danny – new chap, top bloke. nickname pending
Dan – new chap, also a top bloke. nickname pending
Tony – Supreme secretary ruler

Avg sp: 16.3 mph
Distance: 38.6

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