A Group Report

Saturday, 11th February 2023
Gary’s A Group Ride Report – Sunday 5th February
Just as I turned into the car park by the bridge in Shipston at the end of the ride, Alex (as he headed for home – as always – by bike) said to me “could you write the ride report?”. I replied with a quick “OK”, so here we are!

A creditable 18 riders turned up across the groups on what was quite a cold morning and just four of those opted to ride with the A group – Alex (RL), Luke, Robin and me.

Dry roads were a very welcome sight and we set off for Broadway Tower via Burmington, Willington and Todenham, before heading up to the Fosse Way and it was at this point that we saw the B group rapidly advancing towards us!

I think it was Luke who said something like “they’re going to reel us in” but, thankfully (if only for the sake of a few egos!) they didn’t!

On towards Chipping Campden, after which we climbed the main hill of the day. Dyers Lane was its name and it had a nasty little kick on the approach to the junction where we turned left onto Buckle Street before arriving at Broadway Tower just 2 or 3 minutes ahead of the seven strong B group led by Jez Cooper.

Woodstock – 63 miles

63.8 Miles climbing 2664 feet

This seems to have become a club favourite ride of 2019. 100km and just ver 60 miles. We head south from Shipston in an anti clockwise direction through Todenham, The Wolfords, passing through Kingham and Lyneham before taking a slight dog leg off to Milton under Wychwood through Lefield and Finstock before arriving at Woodstock. Heading back via The Tews, Whichford, Stourton and then back to Shipston. This is one of the longest distances that the club does but beautiful scenery along the way, weaving in and our of The Cotswolds. a highly recommended day’s cycle ride.

Wyatts Farm Shop (30 miles)

30.4 miles + 1,721 feet climbing

This route takes us out in to the cotswolds through Todenham, Barton, Little Compton, The Rollrights, stopping off at Wyatts farm shop and then n our return we head through Sibford, Winderton before looping back to Shipston. A rolling ride with quite a few up’s and downs.